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Darashaw provides a comprehensive bouquet of Employee Benefit Services, encompassing payroll outsourcing, retirement benefits investment intermediation, advisory and consulting. We are the leading Retirement Fund market intermediary and advisor, actively dealing with more than 1,000 employee benefit trusts across the country with a market penetration of around 90%.

Our Vision

'By Unlocking The Peoples' Wealth, We Unlock The Nation's Wealth'

Our Mission

Wealth Creation and Maintenance Of An Optimal Standard Of Living For The Beneficiaries Of Our Funds.


Retirement Benefit Advisory & Fund Management

Darashaw Retirement Benefits Desk holds strong expertise in Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory and Fund Management. As Investment Advisors to a host of Retirement Benefit trusts, our desk has helped these trusts achieve comprehensive credit analysis and target higher returns. We work in a formal or informal capacity with numerous retirement fund trusts, helping them with an inter-sector and intra sector portfolio analysis of the retirement funds and suggest strategies for Asset Liability Management and Risk Management.

Backed by our excellent research department, our strength has been in accurately identifying trends in the markets, shortlisting mis-priced securities as well as single out unique issue structures that cater to the Retirement Fundís needs.

In a dynamic interest rate scenario and with the investment pattern for Retirement Funds undergoing a sea change, this service is being sought after by an increasing number of trusts.


Retirement Benefit Intermediation

We are the largest Retirement Fund intermediaries in the country with an annual market share of around 23 - 25% and an increasing market penetration year by year that has helped us to hold on to our position. Retirement Benefit Intermediation is one of our core competencies owing to our parent company's strong broking presence in the fixed income securities market. With the investment pattern changing very fast, Darashaw, today, stands as one of the very few brokerage housesí being able to cater to all the needs of Retirement Funds with respect to the various types of products they are mandated to invest in.


Retirement Benefit Consulting

We are currently consulting the state governments, civic bodies (including municipal corporations), corporates, public sector undertakings, banks, etc. on designing or re-engineering Retirement Benefit schemes (mainly for pension schemes). In the corporate sector we have aggressively helped corporates seek exemption from the government-mandated scheme to provide higher benefits to the employees and benefit from scientific portfolio and investment management practice.

Our comprehensive suit of consultancy for the State Governments, Municipal Corporations and other similar Public Sector Organization has helped many to understand the critical variables that effect their pension system as well as the ways & means of controlling the liabilities and, on the other hand, simulating the assetization strategies that can fund the pension system liabilities over a long term.

Retirement Benefits Outsourcing / Administration

Recently, Darashaw has taken a controlling stake in TATA Share Registry forming a new entity called TSR Darashaw. This has been done to offer outsourcing solutions for payroll and employees' trust funds administration and management solutions. The trusted name of TATA Share brings to you outsourcing services for Employee Benefits, which include Payroll Processing, Retirement Schemes Management and Employee Stock Options Plan Management. While the objective of outsourcing are different for different firms ranging from superior delivery to cost reduction, we along with TATA Share provide a wide choice for outsourcing needs of the employers and benefit trusts.

All the above are various aspects of our Retirement Benefits Desk which, together form a very strong force to reckon with in the Indian Retirement Benefit Industry and give us the unique advantage of being geared up to address and effectively solve any kind of issues relating to Retirement Benefits faced by our clients.

Darashaw has aggressively taken the front role in liberalization of the investment pattern using the 'Force Reckon' platform, which is also a capacity building platform for the Retirement Fund Managers to upgrade their skills and knowledge of financial markets and financial products.


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