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Force Reckon V in Mumbai

The Indian Merchant’s Chamber in association with Darashaw & Company Pvt. Ltd. organised a full-day seminar on “Pension Reforms: Its Implication for Industry and Economy”. The objectives of this seminar was to

  • Educate the Indian Retirement Benefit Manager about the scope and magnitude of the retirement financing challenges

  • Provide the foundation for nonpartisan and informed policy debate

  • Build a national consensus for the challenges necessary to place the country on a sound, long-term fiscal footing and ensure a secure retirement for all Indians.

Pension Reforms have been talked and debated the world over, efforts in India have initiated but the perceived industry structure is still not clear, Force Reckon V was held with the objective of bringing the Pension Reform Thinking on a common Platform

It was the first effort in the country to get the Civil Pension Reforms Committee chairman, the IRDA Chairman (leading the OASIS initiated Pension Reforms for the unorganized Sector) and the Central Provident Fund Commissioner from EPFO the largest regulator of Provident and Pension Funds in India

The conference was attended by over 350 fund managers and was hailed by all quarters for the communication and perspectives that came from the regulators on how the retirement funds industry would emerge in the post reform era.

Reforms don’t happen in a day…the course is set and importantly reform thinking is rationally trying to make and keep the best of retirement provision that are there in the country


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