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  Force Reckon IV

Force Reckon IV held in Mumbai on 11th September, 2000

Force Reckon IV aimed at the strategic development of retirement benefits by:

  • Liberalizing the industry and effecting positive changes to the investment pattern of funds.

  • Enhancing the knowledge base of the clients and familiarize them with the latest developments in the industry.

This seminar brought together the various fund managers, the regulatory authorities and the service providers in this industry to usher in an era of liberalization as the industry would be one of India’s main engines of economic growth. The Retirement Benefit Industry would be one, which would attract the maximum number of reforms to benefit the maximum number of retirees.

Approximately 300 – 350 Retirement Benefit Fund Managers, from all over India, gave an overwhelming response in terms of the level of participation, queries raised and responses given to the opinion poll administered by Darashaw & Company Private Ltd.

The results showed that all the fund managers were concerned about the post retirement standard of living of the current retirees. 63% of the managers felt that today’s retirees are retiring poorer. The results also showed that 85% of the retirement funds wanted to be given the liberty to adopt a Menu System while executing their investments. Around 90% of the fund managers felt that swaps should be allowed and that SDS should be phased out gradually.

This seminar has showed that a lot of stress is being laid on retirement benefit fund management, the benefits that these retirees can draw from these funds and creation of wealth for these retirees.


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