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Our founder, Mr. Darashaw Master was a pioneer of the Indian debt market and contributed to its development and expansion. He was responsible for the induction of the erstwhile princely states and several other brokers into the debt markets. Darashaw had the distinction of being the Sole Broker to the Nizam of Hyderabad, the then single largest player in the capital markets.

The seventies witnessed a tremendous growth in the banking sector, following its nationalisation. Darashaw, under Mr. Keki D. Mehta, continued to contribute to the development of the market. Mr. Mehta was involved in the policy changes initiated by the Reserve Bank of India to make its market intervention techniques more effective. He was also a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange’s committee on audit and reporting systems for the broking community. Mr. Mehta, a qualified chartered accountant, is on the boards of various companies.

Over the last decade India has seen explosive growth of volumes and products in the financial sector, heightened activity in trading, development of sophisticated risk management tools like derivatives and structured products. The third generation at Darashaw has been instrumental in the education of investors and regulators and the innovation of first ever deals.


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